Monumental moments

Tainted love, a monumental song
In days long gone we felt nothing could go wrong
This mindset bore its way into our subconscious
As if to prepare us for the world so vast and monstrous
 We know of beliefs, morals and values
Which our parents passed on to us to use
Use these wisely in your life ahead
And you’ll avoid being a failure or morbid
Beliefs, morals and values build your character
They make you a real person, not an actor
Helping you decide which path to choose
Without these, life is game over and you lose
You lose the passion which makes you strive
To succeed in life’s thrilling joy drive
Life is a present to us from God above
We are all the same and we glow in His love
It’s amazing what a lifetime of history consists of
To record your experiences, one pen would not be enough
Life’s time is of the essence
Thus I’ll take leave now of this reminiscence

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