None the wiser

So here I am, all this time writing to teach myself about life’s little lessons… But how concrete filled is my head to not have taken anything in… None the wiser! 

Thinking that a ring put on a finger, not just any finger, but the finger that has a vein leading to the heart directly can capture any moment and freeze it forever.  The moment should be frozen, in my theoretical way, but then life carries on.  And life has lessons again.

Practice makes perfect according to the wise, but then again, I feel like the exception to the rule… for I feel non the wiser.

So let me try again…

My lesson for today….

Handy andy to cleanse my soul…

What did I learn….

Well, a person is who he is because they chose to be such a person.  I chose to be me, I know what I mean…  Everything in life that has been dealt to me, is because I was the person who dealt the cards and seeing what other cards I had in my hand.  I should have know how to play them…

I played the cards, but what was I doing all along?

I was gambling! Which is bad! Whichever way you take it, it is taking a chance, and I could have been winning my hand, but sooner or later, as is the usual case with gambling, someone else is dealt with a better hand and unless you know how to say enough, you will lose!

And defeat is not great, it’s one of the lessons in life and it is up to you to take it the way you want it:  Either say – great, point taken, good move – Or you say – I GIVE UP!

Lesson for today: I LOSE – but I will learn from it.


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