Rome was built brick by brick



The common cliche to use when there’s a challenge or a struggle to achieve, is “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Good point! But another point to consider is that Rome was constructed over many centuries and never truly remained the same over the centuries, what with revolutions, wars, fires, Greco influence, and history etceteras.

So with this in mind, this is in fact the “wrong” cliche to use. But one thing that we can take from this is the thought that no matter the challenge, this Empire withstood and adapted to all elements that mankind’s lust for power, knowledge and self destructive tendencies could throw at it.

So rethinking the cliche “Rome wasn’t built in a day” I realise that all I strive to achieve in life will be ever changing. I sometimes feel I’m finally on the right track to conquer all the goals I set for myself and then some walls come crashing down. They always seem to be the same walls and I feel that I’m spending more time rebuilding the same walls instead of progressing. This leaves the bitter taste of despondent and demotivated in my mouth. But it’s realising that I should get better cement to rebuild these walls because the foundations are already set with the goals I have planted. The walls are only crashing down because I’m not evolving as fast as my surroundings due to complacency, procrastination, lack of reassessing and analysing my progress.

Now that this light bulb of knowledge has switched on, I will use this realisation as my cement to rebuild my Empire’s mental army to combat and conquer my life’s goals.

Nothing really Mattress

Nothing really Mattress


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