A soul’s second chance

 Once upon a time is how every fairy tale starts.  You are conditioned from inception to believe that every beginning has a happy ending.  There is always an evil witch, dragon or bad character in every story to remind you that bad things can happen, but inevitably good conquers evil and they all lived happily ever after.  It’s good to instill positivity into  a child’s growing years, but it does not prepare them for life’s knocks, leaving them unarmed to face the battle of life with no weapons to fight and conquer.  
So trial and error and life’s knocks come into play and experience is born within.  You burn yourself once on a hot stove plate, experience tells you that you should not touch it again because you remember the pain.  When you fall in love and your heart gets broken, you are hesitant to fall into the same trap again and get hurt all over again.  But man was not meant to walk through life alone, he was meant to find his soul mate, according to Greek mythology where two halves become one, so the cycle of searching for love begins again.
The Greek myth about Soul Mates: (via http://www.experienceproject.com)
The first humans were created with four arms, four legs and four eyes… They had two noses and two mouths and they terrified Zeus… He believed they had eminent powers and feared there would come a day when one would take his place as Ruler. To prevent such an incident from ever occurring, Zeus split each human in half and left them to wander aimlessly around the mortal world searching for their other half….. Their one true soul mate… Kinda gives deeper meaning to  “You Complete Me
Some are lucky to find their happy ending the second time around and some are unlucky to experience the heartache and disappointment yet again.  These victims of a broken heart can become despondent and banish the possibility or opportunity to love again from their lives as a self preservation mechanism. We tend to convince ourselves that we are not good enough or that we are unlucky and do nothing more than give up at this stage, instead of staying positive.  If  the Greek myth is anything to go by, your other half-self / soul mate will end up in your life. 
From my experience in life and love, I realised that there was a trend in the type of person I tended to fall in love with.  Someone that was tainted in some way or another, a wounded animal, someone with a story to tell that seemed so much more compelling and victim-like than mine and I set out to save them because it was easier than dealing with my own issues in life.  I was so insecure that the slightest bit of attention that I got made me feel accepted and I would enter into a relationship without thinking twice. And I fooled myself into thinking that by saving this wounded soul that I had let into my life would appreciate my efforts at helping him solve his problems and he would in turn reward me by treating me like the princess, just like in the fairy tales.
For the first time in my life now, I believe that I had to go through this experience to comprehend that I had to learn to love myself (first and foremost) and feel comfortable with who I am, before I could set out to find my soul mate.  I can proudly say that I am now confident with who I am and that I do love who I am.  I love me.  
Now to set out and find my soul mate.  I still believe in fairy tales



6 comments on “A soul’s second chance

  1. Wow Dezy…. That was an awesome peep into your life and soul….thanks for sharing, it was not only well worded but deep and inspirational on a different level. I have no doubt that there’s a soul-mate out there just waiting to get flicked with copious amounts of RPK’s and tons of love ….. Your Friend …… Nuno

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. You are 100% right! And this post was my message that resonated to the Universe and she did provide. Only took her 2 years 🙂 But she doesn’t have a watch so time is not a priority on her list

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