An emotion’s affair with experience

For every action there is a reaction.  Happiness, elation, joy and all other emotions that make you smile, are positive reactions, and everything that is the opposite to these emotions, is thus the negative. A negative reaction is the one that always tends to get more focus and attention because we tend to take the positive for granted, not paying as much attention to it, as it is natural to want to be happy. We zone in on the negative, consuming our entire mind and body, sinking into a hollow, dark abyss. 

Have we ever tried to change our reaction to a situation?  Instead of reacting negatively, try to react positively and realise that the universe might have put us in a negative situation to challenge our ability to recognise and learn from an experience?

The negative reaction could be our mind feeling defeated, making us succumb to a phantom reality of being a failure. We all have a built-in mechanism, like an animal instinct, a survival mechanism, to succeed in all that we set out to achieve, be it goals, wealth, love, life or anything else we are passionate about. This is why failure is a hard pill to swallow.

We’ve heard of the saying, “No Risk, No Reward”. It’s a saying we use to motivate ourselves, to achieve a challenge, usually we use this saying in business, but we wouldn’t for personal matters, such as, say, love? Shouldn’t we actually adopt this attitude with every situation in our lives, be it business-related or personal?  “No risk, No Reward” bottom line means we are taking a gamble, so aren’t we taking a gamble in the personal aspects of our lives? We are very protective of our emotions or matters of the heart, because we fear the feeling of pain, rejection and insecurity. If we failed, our confidence would be stripped, and we would feel naked, vulnerable…..

We all have the power to change this, just like we would a business strategy, if we noticed that our business needed a boost. We’d go back to the drawing board, analyse, reassess, identify the strengths and weaknesses, using past experiences (both good and bad) as a tool to come up with a strategy which has a winning formula. Why can’t we apply the same strategy, or concept on our emotionally attached situations in life.

The situation is put in our life for a reason.  The reason could be that the universe wants us to learn and grow from this situation, making it an experience.  A personal experience (both positive and negative) which we conquer, results in us feeling victorious and more confident in ourselves.

Once we counter a negative reaction with a positive one, the world is our oyster and no negative situation, in any form or shape, can leave us vulnerable and insecure, because we know who we are and we are true to ourselves, because our experience taught us this lesson in life.



4 comments on “An emotion’s affair with experience

    • Thank you for taking the time to read. What you said is exactly true! We are so afraid to encounter pain, but we inevitably do, so why not face it head on and make it work in your favour.
      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  1. I’d have to agree here. Couldn’t have said it any better!

    We must take risks so now and then because it you don’t, you remain in a stagnant state.
    It is like your river has no flow/current. Make the current AND GO!

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