Have you had your extra bowl of memories today?

We get so caught up in life that we forget to live it.  We tend to repeat the motto of life, parrot fashion: “Live each day as if it were your last”.  But have we actually lived these words or have we drowned in that bowl of Polly-wants-a-cracker.

Recently I started noticing that I had all the symptoms of “getting caught up in life”.  Check to see how many of the symptoms you relate to:

√ Dreaming about work
√ Work in an imaginary box in your office (not being aware or interacting with your work colleagues)
√ Not making time to speak to your friends during the week
√ Not spending quality time with your family or loved ones
√ Eating food at your computer
√ Working as late as your eyelids will allow you to
√ Only come up for air when you need a toilet break/smoke break
√ Having conversations but your hearing frequency is tuned to “Blah blah blah mumble” (not listening properly because your mind has drifted into your work happy place)

Shall I stop now?  How many symptoms did you relate to?

Then one day you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus!!  Isolating yourself from the world has resulted in you feeling all alone, that the whole world is against you, nobody understands what you are going through, nobody has as much stress as you have, you feel like you don’t have any friends (even though they’ve left 20 voice messages on your phone) and drama drama drama!  *Here’s your Oscar for outstanding performance in a leading role in a drama*

Suddenly we decide right there and then, that things are going to change! YES! Change! Well, ok, after you finish this project, no next Monday… and then one of your better qualities makes an appearance, procrastination.  Procrastination is a descendant of fear, fear of leaving the comfort-zone-cocoon that you have spun yourself into.

Fast forward to the part where you eventually change your mind-shift and consciously decide to “Live each day as if it were your last”.  Sometimes you over-compensate this change for the better and instead of going back to the person you were before you got caught up in your isolated hemisphere, you end up launching yourself over a small hurdle with a Pole vault sending you time travelling into a world where you feel like your daily vitamins are laced with happy gas.  You are on a high, and when people ask you why you are so happy, you reply, “I’m high on life”

But this is good.  You are happy and that is what really matters.  You start making every moment a memory worth capturing on your mental digital camera for future happy references.

“High on life”.  This happy-gas-life that you are living in is where you should have been in the first place.  This is the “Alpha state” of life that you should always remind yourself to be in.  When you feel that the suck-happiness-out-of-life webs are starting to spin a cocoon around you, try this cocoon exorcism remedy:

§  Take out your picture album containing some of your best memories, that on a scale of 1 to “grin stupidly”, you are guaranteed to grin stupidly, whisking you back in time allowing you to relive those moments.

This should do the trick because you have distracted your mind from its cocoon-possessed state, and you are more than likely going to pick up the phone and call one of your friends that was a part of these moments with you and end up having a good laugh.

Life’s memories and moments are too precious to not experience.  There is no rewind button or PVR in life, so make sure that your memory button is always on record and that you are the camera man, the director and the lead actor in your home-made movie. Remind yourself to edit the script when the story doesn’t work well with a scene in your life.  Do all of this with passion as your co-star and you are guaranteed to have an award-winning movie of memories that will leave you breathless, proud and fulfilled when the final curtain falls.  Who knows, you might even get a star on the walk of fame, leaving a legacy behind that will be replayed in your admirer’s minds for a long time after you have said “And that’s a wrap!”

And roll Dezy’s memory credits:

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