Inner child rescue mission


Disney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A memory that I remember very clearly and still think about it often, is one which happened when I was a teenager. I was staring out of the car’s window, on the way to a family get together with my parents,and I remember thinking that I must make sure that when I grow up, I must never lose my imagination, and I must never ignore or forget the child within me. But it happened.  While life was happening to me, I lost my inner child, my imagination, and I didn’t even realise……

When a child watches Mickey Mouse, Disney characters or cartoons, it believes the characters are real, so it forms a relationship with them and they become a child’s friends.  It gets excited when it sees them, interacts with them, even responding to them when they ask it questions, even though it’s only an animation on TV, these characters are real to a child.  And Disneyland was born, where Mickey Mouse and his friends live.

I always thought that Disneyland was overrated and that it was just another way for Walt’s estate and board of trustees to make money (it’s not far from the truth either, but regardless).  I never entertained the idea of going to Disneyland, but I did end up going in November 2010.  I called that trip, “The Inner Child rescue mission”.

The first foot crossed the threshold of Disneyland Paris’s Theme park and it felt like I was a child again.  All I wanted to do was skip and run around and go discovering.  Even when I saw people dressed in Mickey or Minnie Mouse costumes (they were called “The Cast”), I would run up to them and give them a hug.  The great thing was that other adults did not look at me like I was insane, because they were in under the same child-like spell that I was under.  Disneyland helped me find my inner child again and it was a liberating, soul-awakening experience.  Walking through the Theme parks, I relived moments from my childhood.  Flashbacks to moments when I would relate and form relationships with these animated, yet real-to-me characters.  Having innocent fun was a refreshing experience and was much needed.

I rescued my Inner Child, and I have since protected it, entertained it, nurtured it and listened to it.  I highly recommend a Disneyland experience as a remedy to any person searching for the inner child they lost whilst life was happening.

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