My Personal New Testament recorder

We are in the 20th century and technology allows for a paperless, clutter-free environment, because everything that is necessary to help you survive and develop mentally or psychologically can be stored in a device ranging in dimensions from 13cm x 13cm to 72 inch.  And when you tell a fellow earth-walker  that you still read books or listen to or collect CD‘s, you are ridiculed and immediately given a sales pitch to try and convince you to become a drone in the Technology army.

There is nothing like feeling paper between your fingertips when you turn a page of a novel that has your zombie-state-like attention, or listening to old classic musical prodigies sing to you over the sound of a little authentic crackling sound which symbolises history, the vinyl.  Or even putting an HB pencil to paper to write your thoughts on paper, like poetry, or a to do list or even a mind-map or brainstorming.

Well today, I decided to go back to the old ways because I found that I was more inspired to produce thoughts in my grey matter that inspired me if I wrote in a book that I related to.  Not just any book.  This has to be a book that I have carefully chosen out of many mass produced books that felt like an extension of my soul.

And like a child with a new toy, the second I got home, I sharpened my HB pencil and christened my book.

I named this book “My New Testament Recorder”.  Aptly called this because I have consciously decided to change my future.  I am in charge and control of my life.  Only positive thoughts shall be written in My New Testament.  All my goals, ideas and thoughts will be recorded in this book so as to never lose my way when days may seem to be dark and life seems to make me face in a direction I had no intention to face.

My New Testament is my map with clear directions and a compass to get me there, to where I am intended to cross a finish line in one of my life’s many scenic hiking trails.


2 comments on “My Personal New Testament recorder

  1. Good luck with your ambition…. not sure if I classify as a technodrone, or not. For me, blogging and using the other social media now at our fingertips has opened up a whole new window on the beautiful things in life as well as giving me the opportunity to write on a fairly regular basis.

    • Apologies for my late reply. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am very pro technology. It’s just nice to hear the pencil lead on paper. It inspires me to keep writing. I have found that I am writing a lot more regularly than last year. Happy New Year.

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