No Stone Unturned

People are all different
So obvious yet hard to accept
A plethora of individuals opinions
To which society can lack respect

Tempers can flare
Patience goes numb
Difficult as it seems
Reaction is a competition for some

To stay as you are
And stand out, be unique
You don’t need to change
You must master your life’s technique

You’ve grounded your roots firmly
To withstand society’s cloning effect
Use your one life given opportunity
To excel at all you do, remember to have fun

Feel the good feeling
Create a list of pivotal memories
And keep on the road to revealing
Your suppressed expressive atonement

Glory oozing from your soul’s emotion
Singing a song of your life’s proud achievements
A history you lived through with passion
No stone unturned you loved every moment

Your memories are yours to keep


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