Change is an inevitable cliche

It’s been coming on for a little while now, but I have chosen to ignore the feelings involved with change and enlightenment.  I have given in to the gut and decided to feel the feelings.

My blog is going to take on a little change in writing styles.  You will see that most posts don’t follow any trend.  They are a bit everywhere.  There are posts about travel, poetry, food for thought, psychology-per-se, and just random other posts.  That is what I am about.  So it’s not really random, it’s me, it’s Dezy.  It’s what makes me tick.

Of late, another part of me is starting to tick and I need to listen to this clock.  It’s not a time bomb, it’s not a female biological one, it’s a ticking that is inside all of us, but you can only hear it if you really listen.  It’s the spiritual side of us. Our spiritual awakening.  And if you listen to it and take heed to its lessons in life, you can change your life for the better.

So as I was saying… My blog will take on a little change.  I am adding to my blog and have now created a new tab and category called “Awakening” that I will be writing about my journey of healing my body, my mind, my soul and myself.  I truly hope that it does inspire some of my readers, you, to also delve into.  It’s not the “in thing” to do, although it is becoming a trend with yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine / practices, etc, but it’s something that is there in our soul, born into us that we have ignored and with the Eastern ways creeping into Western culture, is worth it for you and your journey through life from here on to explore.

I have started doing some reading, call it research, on the journey which I am setting on to make sure that it’s not just fairy-tales and peer pressure, that this is for me.  So through-out my new posts on my ‘Awakening’, I will make reference to the books, excerpts and their authors.  These are great books, worth the read.  Some are easy reads, story book like, and some are a bit theoretical, as they are mostly written by psychologists who have analysed and practiced and partaken in the Eastern ways.  So there are references for the ‘not so malleable mind’.

I’m sure at this stage of reading through this post, you would like to know why I decided to embark on this journey.  My answer is that it’s been coming a long time.  We use the phrases: “Everything happens for a reason”,  “Good things come to those who wait”, and all those little motivational clichéd sayings to motivate us and keep us going when things don’t go our way.  Well, I believe that these sayings are not clichéd.  They are gospel.  The universe does have a purpose for everyone and everything does happen for a reason.  There are signs everywhere giving you direction, and answers to your mind numbing questions, and we sometimes don’t see these signs.  People come and go in our lives for reasons and we sometimes get upset or are elated when they come or go, but they were put in our path for a reason.  For us to learn a lesson about life, our life, and about ourselves.  I have chosen to see the signs and the reasons, and things are much clearer to me lately now that I am seeing this and finally learning the lessons as I they are taught to me, one at a time.  And this is making me a stronger person.  Not to the point that I am emotionless and made of stone, but to the point that I move on faster with pivotal or monumental events in my life (which is each one) because there is something greater out there waiting for me to learn, explore and experience in my life.  All these events are giving me the skills to deal with what is coming (be it good or bad) but it’s a lesson none-the-less.  And it’s my life, and I am going to live it and enjoy it.  Not mope around and waste a day’s worrying about what I didn’t, could have, would have, should have, but what I can and what I will be doing every day from here on.

Español: Paulo Coelho

I started on this journey with a spark that Paulo Coelho‘s books struck.  It started with “The Alchemist” and I steadily bought and read each one of his books and was inspired.  In my subconscious, I learnt every lesson his books taught, but never practiced any of the lessons in my practical life.  So I was doing all the theory and not applying the maths, so-to-speak, on my life’s day-to-day experiences.  His books were the catalyst to this journey into my soul to find the gift which I was born with, but did not yet know I had, and did not know how to unlock its potential and start using it.  Everyone is born with a gift.  It’s our true reason for being on this earth.

We’ve all read, or most of us have, I’m sure, Graham Hancock‘s books on demigods.  Books that have opened our eyes into thinking that they did once exist, but no longer do and leaving us wondering why is it that we are not borne demigods as mythology and ancient architecture and history portray once existed.  My theory is that we are demigods ourselves.  It’s just that we are working so hard at trying to make ourselves demigods that we are destroying our potential before we have even reached it, by inventing things that make us look better, i.e. technology, bigger and better buildings, making more money than our neighbour.  Whilst this is a natural progress in our lives, it’s also a means of survival, we are working hard against what should come natural to us, and with all the blood sweat and tears we put into our daily survival, we are not getting any closer to becoming the demigods of yesteryear’s mythological achievements?  So we are working harder, not smarter.  This ‘Awakening’ is a way of working smarter.  I’m not saying that I’m going to become a demigod, but I’m saying that I’m exploring this theory and bettering myself, starting with me.

With this said.  I am going to leave you to ponder on my words above.  And will start on my posts of my journey into my spiritual awakening and would love to hear from you on your thoughts, theories, challenges, etc.

Everything happens for a reason.  The universe has spoken.


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