My invitation to live has arrived

The skies were alive a harmonious blue
The sun’s warm rays my life were caressing
Life had taken on a beautiful hue
Finally happiness had given me its blessing

A lightning bolt struck down on my earth
The ground beneath me parted open a gaping hole
A turmoil filled tornado echoed a devilish mirth
All joy in an instant snatched out of my control

The final straw is all I exclaimed
Lost and alone and suicide prone
No solution it seemed had remained
The end manifested its death march tone

The good life which I had with passion once lived
Flashed picture perfect moments before my eyes
But a spark in my soul miraculously survived
The universe’s message was actually a blessing in disguise

This was the sign which so long I had awaited
My life’s new adventure’s co-ordinates had appeared
The moment I had eagerly arms wide open anticipated
Eventually my invite to happily ever after had arrived, I cheered


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