The Yang that makes me sing **NEW VERSES**

You are the poetry to my dancing soul
You are like music to my heart beating so
You’re a breath of fresh air into my lungs I inhale
My mouth is in a permanent shape of a smile

All my hopes and dreams now fulfilled thanks to you
My mind my soul complete with an emotion so true
Like raindrops so refreshing so welcome upon my face
It always feels just right in your passionate embrace

Know that this poem shall never come to an end
With each new memory made this poem I’ll extend
This is my token of appreciation dedicated to you
For blessing me with the warmth of your love’s beautiful hue

Another memory another verse
No emotion that needs to be rehearsed
Everything comes to me naturally
Now I know that we were meant to be….

Two month celebrations have come and gone
Every day the love for each other grows more strong
In each other’s eyes we see one future manifest
Together hand in hand constantly laughing in jest.

A love so strong is testimony to our future unique
Prospects next in store leave my knees feeling weak
Mountains of moments together we’ve climbed
The thought of what’s next leaves a taste so sublime.

You are the Yang in my Yin
Which encourages my soul to sing
Sing to the new beat of my heart
Our love is a lyrical work of art

Forever more will I firmly believe
That from dreams this reality would conceive
Gifting me with joy in abundance
When you entered my life, my knight filled with valiance


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