Bird on a wire

Witty, fun and inspirational in 140 characters, Krugersdorp’s Dezy De Lima is a much loved online celeb. She shares her bits and bytes of life behind the avatar.

An article recently published in a local magazine, Get It Joburg West, March 2012 edition, about my Twitter experience, written by Tunet Jordaan.
To view the article, click here -> Bird on a Wire

Thank you Tunet and Get It Joburg West

Tunet on Twitter @dieOranje_skaap
Get It Joburg West on Twitter @GetItJHBWest


3 comments on “Bird on a wire

    • I’m not royalty. I’m a bit like Elvis… but I would say I’m more a royal pain in the butt sometimes.
      haha. Thanx Trevor.

    • Hello Trevorski!

      Thank you and now this is old news! Askies hoor! Been on a “success journey” and forgot to come up for air for a while!

      Hope you are well!


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