Patience is a direct relative to fate

No longer will I wince, or pull a funny face
When sympathetic gestures, contain the clichéd phrase
That saturated phrase, of ‘Good things come to those who wait
Because I have learned, that patience is directly related to fate

Life’s path on which I currently travel
Astonishing opportunities before me unravel
Rewarded with wisdom and discovery of self
Ambition and confidence are my new-found wealth

Battles lost in the past, in wars against my fate
Irreversible regrets, caused my confidence to deflate
Experience has equipped me, with tools to understand
Patience is the remedy, when things don’t go as planned



2 comments on “Patience is a direct relative to fate

  1. it would indeed appear that good things are coming and that good things do happen to good people! Have a beautiful weekend!

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