Life’s mental refuelling pit stop

It has been too long since I have expressed myself in writing.  My body, mind and soul has craved to revisit the spiritual vortex, but I wouldn’t let it because of my getting caught up in ambition.  Not a bad thing, but I forgot to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

I had experienced strange premonitions, ones of grave result.  They made me feel very uneasy, emotional and sad.  But after some thought I realised that there was another beacon of thought that I never noticed bearing no relation to the darkness of morbid emotion.  It felt more like I was now aware of a new “door” that I needed to open and step through, it was time for me to enter another journey.  I am calling this my “Life refuelling pit stop”.  Why this?  Simple.  I faced my fears not too long ago, took a leap of faith, the last few months after the leap took some time for me to adjust to due to a break in my creature comfort routine which I had repeated for 13 years, and now I’m finally in the clearing.  I have adjusted to the new me and I need to stop to refuel, check my priority-oil, pump up my motivation-tyres and do a quick check on my personal journey-map to make sure I am still on track.

The timing is perfect because whilst I was adjusting to my new adventure, I gained another layer of knowledge.  Knowledge of self and my ambition’s love for my life’s new challenge.


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