The Jekyll and Hyde of Joy

I’d describe joy as a feeling when happiness consumes you
Or when a child’s laugh echoes so innocent so pure
It can also be an exciting thought of what might one day be
However you define joy, we’ve all experienced this form of glee

Expectations you’ve developed to gift yourself  a moment of joy
Your perception’s story which inevitably with your emotions will toy
It’s human nature to fall prey to the imagination’s world of dream
Where you usually choose to escape to before life makes you scream

Disappointed and heartbroken full of anger you’re possessed
Seeing red your feelings hurting and completely unimpressed
Exploding your reaction when the joy no longer within resides
You transform into the personality of Dr Jekyll or is it Mr Hyde’s?

At times like these our own worst enemy the infamous ego appears
In the form of a shield to stop you from suddenly bursting into tears
Stubbornly you decide you’ll not consider anyone’s ‘in their defense’
You arrive at the conclusion that your reason is the only one making sense

This has happened to all of us many times I’m sure you agree
A happy ending becomes an option you wish was a guarantee
With this poem a thought I intentionally set out from you to provoke
My mission is to save relationships and unnecessary hurt to revoke


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