Resolutionary resolve

Goals and resolutions are one and the same in my mind’s eye.  So I feel we shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to make and achieve a resolution? But if you feel superstitious and don’t want to break the New Year’s Eve resolution tradition, then perhaps make your resolution to resolve that which stops you from finishing what you start.

We make goals, we begin the process to move in the direction of the goal post, but sometimes we don’t reach the post or we just give up.  Unless your reason for not reaching your goal is your having decided on a new and better goal, we should complete everything we start.

How do you feel once you achieve something you have worked hard on to achieve? Amazing, proud, inspired, motivated, confident, ambitious…… Once you achieve a goal you almost automatically work harder and with more purpose from that moment on, because you believe in your self-worth.

When you don’t achieve a goal or you give up on it and you don’t continue pursuing it, you feel the exact opposite to elated causing your passion, drive, spirit, enthusiasm and ego to feel maimed and drained.  This then causes you to doubt your ability to succeed at anything you set out to achieve.  This dark, cold and seemingly lonely state you have been responsible for putting yourself in becomes a sess pool where negativity and self loathing starts to breed and grow and kill your soul off a little bit at a time until you are at the lowest of lows.

Now, I ask you, what is your new year resolution?


2 comments on “Resolutionary resolve

    • Thank you for your blog and allowing me to link my post to it. It’s going to be a dreamy creamy ice cream eating year. All the best for 2013

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