The motion of my notion

Being Victorious feels glorious! A year has come and gone since I was blessed with the ability to see the change that was necessary for me to experience an infinite beginning which the universe would lovingly bestow upon me.

Inspired by the realisation of having conquered this challenge with no fear or regrets, there was no limit on my ability to carve my future. The change was a movement towards discovering who I truly am meant to be and what my purpose is for being blessed with the breath of life on this priceless treasure known as earth.

I called the change a ‘movement’ precisely that, because the definition of movement is, ‘a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end’.

The movement will be a permanent feature of my exciting future which I am currently carving and I encourage the movement to continue, to keep the fire burning in my passionate quest for enlightenment and joy in its purest form.


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