And a lifetime’s not too long….

Reflection is a side dish that comes standard with any moment where understanding is the main course on order.  The combination of these two offerings make the sense and lightbulb moments that much brighter.

It took me four years to truly understand and experience the bright moment of light and understanding.  Experience and personal growth needed to happen, for me to truly appreciate the moment of clarity and appreciation I was recently blessed with.  Without the growth and life experience, I don’t think that this pivotal moment would have been as effective and ‘life-altering’, if I could so boldly state.

My truth was gospel at that very moment, four years ago.  Hurt, angry, feeling the fool and, worst of all, betrayed by someone who was everything to me.  All I asked for, was for her to be there for me at my time of need.  Was that too much to ask?  Isn’t that what friends are for?  Wasn’t this the unwritten rule in friendships that I so often proved to be truthful by being there for her unconditionally, especially in her time of need?

The extreme seemed the only punishment apt to the reaction my request evoked from her seemingly-cold heart.  I would cut her out of my life like a cancer, and forget every precious moment spent with her, throughout our friendship’s lifetime.

I tried to move on and did my darnedest to completely wipe out our then-meaningful friendship from my memory bank. But the truth be told, not a day went by in the last four years that I didn’t have a moment of reflection of our time together, wondering if she was happy, wondering if she ever thought about me?

I know now that I was actually in the wrong, for a very good reason, and I know that had I instigated a resolve sooner, we might not be friends today, as I needed to do some soul searching on my own. I had to learn to think for myself and develop into the person the universe intended me to become.

The reaction I got from my bestest friendest in the whole wide worldest, when I walked up to her yesterday, for the first time since the moment of destruction four years ago (which I’m certain the universe had carefully orchestrated) was the moment movies are made of. Tears of pure joy were shed and this was the first time I had ever experienced such a pure, unique and memorable emotion. I love my friend and I needed her back in my life, as the cherry on top, to complete my life’s metamorphosis.

Gratitude of monumental magnitude is what I have towards the Universe’s timing and gift of a friend like her.

And Gratitude and love of monumental magnitude, is what I have towards my friend Jannine, for being such an important pillar in my life.


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