Change a la deja vu

For a while there has been a stirring feeling within me, with an emotion attached, one of pure elation, like the kind you feel when you are going on holiday.  That pure joy where your stomach has butterflies and performing cartwheels.

But along with this wonderful feeling, a feeling of fear tagged along.  So that could only mean one thing really…

A change was about to happen in my life.

Almost to the day, a year ago, I made a monumental change in my life, breaking routine, breaking away from a comfort zone, breaking away from an habitual circle. That break I made from my sheltered life, seems to have been a catalyst for a series of changes in my life from that moment onwards.

These changes are most welcome in my life because they have brought with them many an amazing moment of joy, pure joy, just as I always dreamed I could experience, a joy that was only heard of in fairy tales.

Spoiled by all these joys, I fear not what change is to come, for I know I’m on a path that offers me valuable consistent exciting new beginnings, making me appreciate what I’ve been blessed with in my life that much more.

I feel blessed and for that I am truly thankful to all that is Holy and to the Universe that selflessly provides.


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