Dream a little dream

I remember, when I was about 6 years old, running in the garden with my friends, playing cops and robbers, then feeling all inspired and trying to convince everyone that when I grew up, I was going to be a policeman, or a hairdresser, detective, or I couldn’t actually decide. No. I had a better idea. I was going to marry a handsome prince, and live in a huge castle.

Dreaming of what would be when I grew up was a magical feeling and nothing was going to stop me.

As I grew older, I forgot about my destiny to be that policeman, or hairdresser, or detective, because the magic of being innocent and carefree was replaced by school, socialising, peer pressure and surviving the war of the world versus me! Now the only dream I had was to have a cute boyfriend, or wishing my parents would disappear or just getting out of school because it was horrible. (And secretly I still dreamed of marrying that handsome prince and living in a castle). Yes, I knew that the chances of this happening were near on never, but it was still a nice way to escape reality to keep sane, now and again, to experience a moment of joy in this horrible stage of my life they called puberty.

Thankfully this stage of puberty was left behind, together with the braces, permed hair and school uniform. And I was let loose into the so-called big bad world. I was so excited to have arrived at this platform on my life’s journey and I was eager to study further and to find a career, but what?! There was a dream I had since puberty that whispered to me every day to study marketing and to aspire to become a marketing manager, but I would dismiss this dream, because that’s just what it was, a dream. I could never be a marketing manager. I was not confident in my ability to achieve anything much really. This dream would remain a dream, for others it would turn into a goal.

As the years of wisdom and experience piled up in my life, I found myself to be quite the achiever in my career in travel. Everything I thought I would not be able to achieve, I achieved. With the achievements came confidence, with the confidence came promotions, and with the promotions came THE opportunity I incessantly dreamed of, but had long forgotten. The opportunity to become a marketing manager had arrived.

It then dawned on me. I am living the dream! This realisation opened a flood of other dreams I had sometime or another dreamt of along the way on my life journey, one of them being the prince. I realised that this dream also came true. The love of my life, Justin, is this prince! In fact, more than a handful of dreams had become a reality in my life. I felt truly blessed.

This leads me to believe that one should never stop dreaming, because they can come true. Whether it is the passion put into the dream that manifests it, or be it that they are sort of a trailer sent to you by the universe, as a sneak preview to your life that will be, to help you stay motivated and aspire to be more. Whatever you believe to be the reason for dreams coming true, I know now that I will never stop dreaming.

There is no timeframe on life and likewise, there is no timeframe on dreams becoming a reality. What I do know is that they will manifest themselves when the time is right and when you are ready.

Next dream….. I’m thinking of 5 numbers….. The winning numbers for the lottery…..






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