Awareness practice in colour

I downloaded many an app off iTunes, as one does like a typical Apple junkie, and have found one that I can use 365 days a year. For FREE! And there are great benefits in this app… Like self-awareness, breaking free of experiential conditioning, and so forth….

The app is called:  Continue reading


Change a la deja vu

For a while there has been a stirring feeling within me, with an emotion attached, one of pure elation, like the kind you feel when you are going on holiday.  That pure joy where your stomach has butterflies and performing cartwheels. Continue reading

Life’s mental refuelling pit stop

It has been too long since I have expressed myself in writing.  My body, mind and soul has craved to revisit the spiritual vortex, but I wouldn’t let it because of my getting caught up in ambition.  Not a bad thing, but I forgot to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

I had experienced strange premonitions, ones of grave result. read more ….

Fear, the final frontier

We dream of a better world for ourselves, one where we know that the smile on our faces is a direct reflection of our heart and soul’s true feelings.  But we face an obstacle when trying to get to this better world, ourselves.  We are our own obstacle, because we fear change. To get to this better world, means we will have to change something, and many times we choose to avoid the change because of the fear of the unknown. Continue reading