Did you know

Molded by life

You could call this a “Get to know Dezy” page.

Life’s past experiences mold us into who we are in the now, so take this info sharing and get to know the path that lead me to become the Dezy that I am today.

Did you know

Played Piano from the age of 8 until I was 21. I have regrets that I stopped playing, yes I do.

Had Bells Palsy for 3 months.  I had to sleep with an eye patch on at night because my left eye would not close.  I also had to close my mouth with my hand when I drank anything or rinsed out my mouth.

Victoria Falls Gorge / Bridge

Have Bungee jumped off Bloukrans Bridge, Eastern Cape, and Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe/Zambia. Victoria Falls was my first jump, so you can imagine the nerves.  Of course the guy securing me onto the chord and strapping me in the harness must have been the most stoned man in Zimbabwe.

Have done White Water rafting on the Zambezi.  Not once, but twice!  (Free white water rafting! All you pay for is the walk up the gorge!)

Still have my original Roller skates which I got when I was 16 years old.  I still use them around the house (you could say I’m retaining my youth).

Visited close to 70 cities around the world and 20 countries.  I have truly been blessed with the amazing opportunity to have been able to do this in the industry I work in. See my “Where in the World” post to see where I have travelled to.

Can speak, read and write in 3 languages (Greek, English, Afrikaans) and I just need to brush up on my 4th language (Portuguese).

Have cracked my ribs 3 times and I have broken my coccyx.

Was in all the school musicals in Primary and High School.  I was also in the school choir.

Absolutely love Maths. Might not have gotten the straight “A”s in school all the time for it, but give me a maths problem and I will work on it until it is solved.

The way things were

Used to be overweight (95kgs) just after I finished High School.  I have since performed many a yo-yo trick with my weight, but I’ve eventually reached my goal weight.  A total loss of 40kg’s.

The light of my life is my 3 year old daughter, Cameron Drew.


My brother and I used to play a game called “King of the castle” which was quite dangerous for kids now that I think about it.  You have to make sure that you stay on the bed and that you rule the bed. The other person / kid has to try and get their whole body on the bed and they win the title, so the kid on the bed has to make sure that the “challenger” does not get on the bed….  I got about 5 black eyes from him.


I used to be a head banger and only listened to death metal and only wore black when I was 17.  Looking for attention by trying to be rebellious.  Best places to go to fit in for me was “Bella Napoli” in Hillbrow.

Greek music has Turkish influence and this music is used in Belly Dancing…. I can do belly dancing.

Thanx to my 1st boyfriend, that was in the music industry, I increased my CD collection from Heavy Metal only to over 700 CD’s and counting. A whole cocktail of Genres and styles of Music.  LOVE MUSIC.

When I was a rep & on the road, I would get lost on purpose to tweak my sense of direction, and see if I could navigate myself back onto the right road. (LOL – no GPS in those days)

The Dezy Dress

I hired my wedding dress and it was named after me. The Dezy Dress

I had an assault charge laid against me be a thief I punched and did actually cause bodily harm to… but that was after he punched my mom.  Do not mess with my family 🙂  (The case was thrown out of court)

My 3rd car, a silver Corsa Sport, was completely written off.  I rolled the carand was thrown out of it, escaping with a few scratches and bruises. I was If I had my seatbelt on, I wouldn’t have made it (that’s how I roll).  I remember the first thing I did when I came to was ask the hoards of curious Georges for a cellphone and a cigarette.

More to follow soon…….


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