Site Map

About Dez

Did you know       Interesting facts about myself
I’m posting every week in 2011       Committing myself to writing a post a week
Have you had your extra bowl of memories today?           Words for thought
Inner child rescue mission          To bring back the inner child element into your life

My Travels

Where in the world        A list of all the cities I’ve travelled to and a pivotal moment in each city
T.I.A. (This is Africa)        My overland adventure to the Serengeti, Masai Mara & Ngorongoro Crater
The City of life (Rio de Janeiro)        The trip where I experienced the ultimate pivotal moment
Rednose comic relief Detour haze         An amusing roadtrip to Durban with my BFF Elismha
Dubai-eek             The tornado trip to Dubai
Inner child rescue mission        Feeling like a child again at Disneyland Paris

Dear to me

She lights up my life        A proud motherly moment when my daughter turned 3
A soul’s second chance      Inspiring you to not give up on your destiny to find your soul mate
Have you had your extra bowl of memories today?     Never forget the people that matter in your life
Proudly prejudiced         A mother’s bragging rights on her child
The script to life is found in music       What does music mean in your life 

My poetry  

All my poetry relates to personal experiences

Forbidden emotions’ Russian Roulette
Delusional confusion

Just a poem for someone someday
And I thank you…
Short and sweet
Joyous expectations
Glorious emotions
The rainbow experience
Blissful healing
Disabled mind
Your destiny
Vitamin Love
Monumental moments
Full Moon
Matters of the heart
A soul’s happiness
Quagmire of emotions
Full bodied life

Soul Inspirations

Putting some *light bulb* moments down on paper to remind me how I dealt with situations in life

An emotion’s affair with experience
My prayer lantern
Rome was built brick by brick
Life house
Poetic inspiration
A bit of a detour
Things just click
Turning over a new forest
That’s where the difference comes
Reality Check
None the wiser
A burp of wisdom
Music for the soul masses
Traffic light of wisdom
R20 note is still a R20 note
Knight in shining armour
Handy Andy for the soul


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