“People sometimes need to back track upstream to see where life’s meandering tributaries flowed away from the original headwaters of their certainty, wisdom, instinct, and inner knowing” Continue reading

Worth a note this Quote ~ Animal Medicine, Card 49


The script to life is found in music

I am absolutely, positively and undeniably, passionately addicted to music.  I’m very sure that there are many of you reading this right now, saying: “ME TOO!”

Music is the soundtrack to my life, our lives, just like in a movie where the music changes to enhance a viewer’s experience in a specific scene, the same applies to the music in your life’s moments, making up the soundtrack to your life. Continue reading

Inner child rescue mission


Disney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A memory that I remember very clearly and still think about it often, is one which happened when I was a teenager. I was staring out of the car’s window, on the way to a family get together with my parents,and I remember thinking that I must make sure that when I grow up, I must never lose my imagination, and I must never ignore or forget the child within me. But it happened.  While life was happening to me, I lost my inner child, my imagination, and I didn’t even realise…… Continue reading


I’ve never had the urge to place a tick next to Dubai on my list of most desirable destinations to get to in this lifetime. But I was given an opportunity that no one could refuse, which included the word FREE.

A 3 day, 2 night trip to Dubai in May, 2009 sponsored by the Dubai Tourism Board
(remember to have a look at the slide show of memories after the story)

Lady lumps in the desert

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Rednose comic relief Detour haze

Those spur of the moment decisions are usually the best ones, and they remain the best if you don’t over analyse and just go with them.

The Plan:  

  • To do a road trip to Durban to meet all the fabulous people from Twitter who live there
  • To be a child again and enjoy every moment of our trip

Fast Facts:

 Dialing code for Durban is 031
Distance from Johannesburg to Durban is 588km’s
Time it takes to travel this distance is 6 hours
Actual distance travelled 1080km’s
Actual time taken to travel this distance was 12 hours
Number of laughing fits experienced on this trip were infinite
Number of Tweeps (People from Twitter) met was 20
Number of venues we made appearances at in Durban was 10
#Planking is the art of lying flat on odd surfaces & take a picture of it
#Owling is the art of perching on an object like an owl & take a picture of it
#Koalaing is the art of acting like a koala and grabbing onto an object with all 4’s & take a picture of it
Regrets? NONE
^ sign means see slideshow for picture to this part of the story

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