Change a la deja vu

For a while there has been a stirring feeling within me, with an emotion attached, one of pure elation, like the kind you feel when you are going on holiday.  That pure joy where your stomach has butterflies and performing cartwheels. Continue reading


Resolutionary resolve

Goals and resolutions are one and the same in my mind’s eye.  So I feel we shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to make and achieve a resolution? Continue reading

The Jekyll and Hyde of Joy

I’d describe joy as a feeling when happiness consumes you
Or when a child’s laugh echoes so innocent so pure
It can also be an exciting thought of what might one day be
However you define joy, we’ve all experienced this form of glee

Expectations you’ve developed to gift yourself  a moment of joy
Your perception’s story which inevitably with your emotions will toy
It’s human nature to fall prey to the imagination’s world of dream
Where you usually choose …. to continue reading…… 😉

Life’s mental refuelling pit stop

It has been too long since I have expressed myself in writing.  My body, mind and soul has craved to revisit the spiritual vortex, but I wouldn’t let it because of my getting caught up in ambition.  Not a bad thing, but I forgot to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

I had experienced strange premonitions, ones of grave result. read more ….

This is my yellow brick road


I have always been open-minded, caring, respectful to other people’s ways and helpful to others.  Living by the motto, ‘Do unto others as you’d have done unto you’.  If people were to describe me, they would use words like: outgoing, friendly, happy, approachable, lively, passionate, helpful, knowledgeable.  And that is who I am fundamentally. Continue reading