Exciting chapter yet again


Mad in love for two years five months
Nothing really rhymes with months
I hope that made you laugh
My Yang, my fiancé, my better half

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Celebrating our souls

I rub my eyes to make sure I’m not dreaming
Two years ago our souls united and on love started feasting
With one heartbeat we set off in our amazing adventure
Including a few challenges thrown in for good measure

Loving with as much passion as our hearts will allow
Always mindful that what matters is here and now
Our present and future on love unconditional is based
Nourished by our pasts knowing life has not a moment to waste

Change a la deja vu

For a while there has been a stirring feeling within me, with an emotion attached, one of pure elation, like the kind you feel when you are going on holiday.  That pure joy where your stomach has butterflies and performing cartwheels. Continue reading

The Yang that makes me sing **NEW VERSES**

You are the poetry to my dancing soul
You are like music to my heart beating so
You’re a breath of fresh air into my lungs I inhale
My mouth is in a permanent shape of a smile

All my hopes and dreams now fulfilled thanks to you
My mind my soul complete with an emotion so true
Like raindrops so refreshing so welcome upon my face
It always feels just right in your passionate embrace

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Colisseum in Rome

Jord’s European adventure

Travelling is such an enigmatic adventure to spoil yourself with.  I have been bitten by the bug, and recently my cousin was bitten too.  He took a European tour and he spoke with such passion of his adventure that I asked him to write a piece so that I could help him share his passion with like-minded people on my blog.  This is his adventure in his words.

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