Awareness practice in colour

I downloaded many an app off iTunes, as one does like a typical Apple junkie, and have found one that I can use 365 days a year. For FREE! And there are great benefits in this app… Like self-awareness, breaking free of experiential conditioning, and so forth….

The app is called:  Continue reading


The Jekyll and Hyde of Joy

I’d describe joy as a feeling when happiness consumes you
Or when a child’s laugh echoes so innocent so pure
It can also be an exciting thought of what might one day be
However you define joy, we’ve all experienced this form of glee

Expectations you’ve developed to gift yourself  a moment of joy
Your perception’s story which inevitably with your emotions will toy
It’s human nature to fall prey to the imagination’s world of dream
Where you usually choose …. to continue reading…… 😉

Have you had your extra bowl of memories today?

We get so caught up in life that we forget to live it.  We tend to repeat the motto of life, parrot fashion: “Live each day as if it were your last”.  But have we actually lived these words or have we drowned in that bowl of Polly-wants-a-cracker.

Recently I started noticing that I had all the symptoms of “getting caught up in life”.  Check to see how many of the symptoms you relate to:

√ Dreaming about work
√ Work in an imaginary box in your office (not being aware or interacting with your work colleagues)
√ Not making time to speak to your friends during the week
√ Not spending quality time with your family or loved ones
√ Eating food at your computer
√ Working as late as your eyelids will allow you to
√ Only come up for air when you need a toilet break/smoke break
√ Having conversations but your hearing frequency is tuned to “Blah blah blah mumble” (not listening properly because your mind has drifted into your work happy place)

Shall I stop now?  How many symptoms did you relate to? Continue reading

An emotion’s affair with experience

For every action there is a reaction.  Happiness, elation, joy and all other emotions that make you smile, are positive reactions, and everything that is the opposite to these emotions, is thus the negative. A negative reaction is the one that always tends to get more focus and attention because we tend to take the positive for granted, not paying as much attention to it, as it is natural to want to be happy. We zone in on the negative, consuming our entire mind and body, sinking into a hollow, dark abyss.  Continue reading