You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.
~ Annie Dillard Continue reading

Worth a note this quote ~ Annie Dillard

“People sometimes need to back track upstream to see where life’s meandering tributaries flowed away from the original headwaters of their certainty, wisdom, instinct, and inner knowing” Continue reading

Worth a note this Quote ~ Animal Medicine, Card 49

Fear, the final frontier

We dream of a better world for ourselves, one where we know that the smile on our faces is a direct reflection of our heart and soul’s true feelings.  But we face an obstacle when trying to get to this better world, ourselves.  We are our own obstacle, because we fear change. To get to this better world, means we will have to change something, and many times we choose to avoid the change because of the fear of the unknown. Continue reading

An emotion’s affair with experience

For every action there is a reaction.  Happiness, elation, joy and all other emotions that make you smile, are positive reactions, and everything that is the opposite to these emotions, is thus the negative. A negative reaction is the one that always tends to get more focus and attention because we tend to take the positive for granted, not paying as much attention to it, as it is natural to want to be happy. We zone in on the negative, consuming our entire mind and body, sinking into a hollow, dark abyss.  Continue reading